Family- Daniel and Christy Engagement Photos

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From the moment I first saw Daniel, I knew he was someone special. I later found out that he was pretty curious from the start about me, too. =)

There was something about that connection that has always stuck with me. Daniel has always felt familiar to me, like he was a long lost friend, but from some distant place I don’t really remember.

Though it sounds strange, we both knew very early on that we were meant for each other. Within days of meeting, we had a discussion that led me to confessing to him that I was supposed to marry him and he responded with the words that will never leave me, “I know”. With little understanding from anyone, we moved forward, because something inexplicable had happened. We had faith that God had led us to each other.

We’re certain that most of the people that came to celebrate that December day we were married were confused or concerned, but almost nine years later, we’ve only fallen deeper and deeper in love.

We’ve seen our share of storms in life, one of the biggest being the challenges we’ve faced bringing a child into our family. Daniel has always been there for me. He has lovingly listened and comforted me as I’ve struggled to understand what God’s plan was for us. He has held me and uplifted me and made our little family of two abundant in love.

Announcement PhotoWhen I look at these photos, I know of the hope and the joy we had to see what the future held for us. Nine years later, we still hold that hope and it has become more sacred and precious to us. We know there is a plan. We know that when the moment is right, God will bless us with the child that he’s intended for us all along.