I Believe

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Several years ago on my birthday, Daniel surprised me with a letter that described his memories of some of the most important moments of our life together. I got his ok to use some of it here, so you could hear more of his voice and his heart. I cherish this letter. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

The morning we were married
“I set my alarm for three and a half hours after getting in from Return of the King. The movie was alright, but I was preoccupied with what would be happening later in the morning. I was exhausted and mercifully sleep came quickly.  I slept the sleep of the innocent. I woke up, dressed, and left for the temple making sure that I had everything we needed.

I felt wonderful. I felt excited. I even felt rested, which to this day still boggles my mind. I wanted to make sure that everything was right, but then on the other hand I didn’t really have a care in the world. At that moment of time, I knew that this was the right thing to be doing and there was no doubt or fear in my mind.

I remember thinking that this moment in time would never come again and that this was the most important thing I’d ever do in my life as I made those sacred covenants with you in front of God, Angels, and Witnesses.

Time felt like it crawled by as I waited for you to make your appearance. I remember almost falling out of my seat as you finally walked out of the hallway and into the room. I thought you were the most beautiful creature on the face of the Earth and I was the luckiest man for you to have taken such a risk on me. Truly, I was so taken back by your beauty and your grace that I remember just wanting to take that moment and freeze it.

I felt wrapped up in the Spirit and comforted when I was asked to take me place across the alter from you and join hands. The actual ceremony seemed to whisk by like a paper caught in a strong fall breeze. I’d heard the words before, but this time it was different, as this time sealed me to you for eternity.” – Daniel, Summer 2007

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