nevergiveupThis week marks nine months since we were approved as an adoptive family. It’s also the eve of our nine year wedding anniversary. The first couple years of our marriage we would lovingly think of our “December Baby”, with the impression that when a baby came into our lives it would be this time of year.

Our hopes were really high for our December baby this past summer. We were contacted by an expectant mother back in August who was due with a baby girl at the end of December. It was our first contact with an expectant mother and we were cautiously optimistic. She has been prompted by the Spirit to think about an adoption plan for her daughter. After exchanging emails over the next couple weeks, we started to grow a friendship. As we got to know her, we were struck with her intelligence, talent, and spirituality. She loved her unborn daughter fiercely and shared with us her hopes and dreams for her future.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of her control, this sweet and brave woman was forced to abandon adoption as an option for her and her baby. We continued to email, sending our love and encouragement to her. We prayed for her constantly, that no matter the outcome of her decision she would find peace. We had grown to love her.

The few days later, our caseworker let us know that she had made a firm decision to parent. We were informed that if she had decided to move forward with the adoption, that we were her preferred couple and she would have chosen us.

The news brought a lot of emotions. We were praying that everything would work out for this expectant mother, hopeful that she have full support from her loved ones as she raised her daughter.

We were touched that she would have picked us, if it had still been an option. We finally felt as though we had true hope that someday we would be chosen, even if it would be by someone else.

But we were also sad. We had thought of a name and we had dreamed of our little December baby. Though we were happy that this baby girl was already so loved, we grieved to know that we would never see her, never hold her, never kiss her goodnight.

We haven’t heard from her in quiet a while, but with her due date approaching, I’m thinking of this sweet expectant mother and her sweet baby girl, who could be here any day now, if she hasn’t been born already. I pray for them. I hope for them. I wish for Heaven to shower them with every blessing and happiness.

We haven’t had any other contact from any other situations since then. We hope that we someday will develop a lasting relationship with a woman who will be the first mother our child knows and that it will be as beautiful as the experience we were able to share in August with this wonderful woman.

With a thankful heart,


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  1. The journey can be hard, but your faith in God will help. That’s actually something I found when I did a study of a fost/adopt agency: the parents who had a strong sense of faith were better able to weather the “ups and downs” of the process. Hoping the best for you –


    • Thank you, Adddison. Our faith has been so helpful in looking at the big picture and get through the harder parts of the journey. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  2. Its beautiful that you have such a heart already for expectant mothers considering adoption….I think sometimes it can be easy to lose that in the face of wanting a baby so badly. I know God laid my son’s birthmom on my heart for a long time, before I even met her. I think it has helped us develop the relationship we have now- one of mutual respect and shared love for our awesome little dude! Good luck on your journey! We are just beginning the process for our second adoption. I’ll keep checking in on you guys!!

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