Doozer Near the Water

You all know and love my silly, sweet doggie, Doozer. Well I thought I knew him. Specifically, I thought that he wasn’t a fan of water. That was until Doozer and I went for a walk to a creek not to far from home.

We went to the edge so I could let him get a drink and see the ducks and loons. Then he just got in!!! I was SO excited I had brought my camera with me so I could share the moment with Daniel when we got home! Added Bonus: Video Evidence!

Doozer Splashing in the Water

Someone smelled a little too much like wet dog (and was a bit muddy) by the end of his adventure, so we headed to the pet store where they have a self serve dog wash. Some friends of ours decided to help! =)

Doozer Gets a Bath

All clean and dry! The whole helper crew!

It was SO much fun to discover this side of Doozer! I can’t wait to get him a LONG leash or find a off leash area where he can show me his stuff!

The simply amazed, waiting adoptive momma,


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