Before and AfterI received three burp rags mixed in with a bag of hand me downs from my friend, Kindra, and they were screaming for some personality.

My friend, Brittany, introduced me to freezer paper stencils when we put together our shirts for the Mud Run back in April. The process is SO easy and completely customizable. When she was clearing things out to move down south, she tossed me the rest of her roll and I got all excited imagining the possibilities!

I’m dealing with a stomach bug right now, and since I was starting to go crazy with resting, I decided to put the freezer paper to good use.

You can make your own designs using images and your favorite fonts, but here’s a link to the file I created for these if you want to use it, too!

Finshed ProductMaterials Needed:

  • Burp Rag, Onesie, or T-Shirt
  • Freezer Paper (found at the grocery
    store near the baggies and aluminum foil)
  • Printer
  • Craft Knife
  • Self-Healing Mat
  • Iron
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Acrylic or Fabric Paint
  • Paintbrush


  1. IronDesign or download your stencil and print onto the matte side of a sheet of freezer paper trimmed to accommodate your printer.
  1. Using the craft knife and self-healing mat, cut out printed portions of your stencil and reserve any inside pieces (like the inside of the “A” or “D” in DAD.
  2. Iron your burp rag to remove any creases and place the stencil waxy side down on the rag.
  3. Iron the stencil and any inside details onto the rag until the stencil adheres firmly.
  4. Allow the stencil a few minutes to cool.paint
  5. Place foil on underside of rag and apply paint to the exposed portion of the stencil. Add additional coats as needed to achieve desired color/saturation.
  6. Allow paint to dry completely, then peel stencil off of rag. Use the craft knife to help remove the smaller pieces.
  7. Admire your creative prowess!Burp Rags


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  2. That is such a cute idea! I adore the one that says, “I was worth the wait”. It’s completely original and hilarious!

  3. i have done this same technique but used the freezer paper in my cricut to create the stencil. great fun to update t shirts too!

    • My friend recently did this and had amazing success! I bet the designs can be far more elaborate when you can program the design. Plus, it goes a lot faster!

      Maybe someday I’ll invest in a die cut system, but until then I’ll be slaving away with my craft knife *wink*.

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