Sometimes, you need a little something to bring a smile to your face. Well these are a lot of little somethings and are so so so smile inducing.

This is a fun little project, especially if you have some underlying obsessive compulsive tendencies, like me. *wink*

The best thing about this one is that you probably have most of this on hand right now!

Index Prints from your print orders
Magnetic Junk Mail Elements (More info below in directions)
White Cardstock
Glue Stick
Foam Adhesive Squares

Photo Directions:
Click on the first image below and scroll through for photo directions.

Written Directions:

1. Get your materials together. For the magnets, I used the magnets American Express sent me in the mail, but you can use magnets from the local pizza place or friendly neighborhood realtor, too.
2. Cut out the photos you like from your index prints.
3. Cut them to roughly 1 cm squares.
4. Mount photos to a strip of white cardstock. Leave a bit more room on the bottom to replicate polaroid photo.
5. Slice them into individual pieces.
6. Add foam adhesive square to back of mounted photo.
7. Add magnetic back trimmed to size.
8. Put them on the fridge or another metal surface to admire your tiny memories!

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