Wait on the Lord: Psalm 27:14Just over a year ago, Daniel and I started the adoption process. It has been tough and exciting time for us as a couple and with that time behind us, we know the best is yet to come.

I was thrilled the morning of our first meeting. After years of waiting and saving, I was so excited we were making such a big step by finally walking into the adoption agency. After a bit of online research, I only vaguely understood the requirements that we would need to meet, but I showed up that morning starry-eyed.

When the reality hit, I felt like we had been stopped dead in our tracks. Reviewing the exhaustive list of paperwork, interviews, and referrals was overwhelming to the point of tears. The sheer amount work involved seemed insurmountable.

The most difficult part to swallow was the estimated time that we would wait for placement. Even after we made it through the mountain of paperwork and reached the approval stage, the average time to placement was two to four years. Hearing that brought me to undignified sobs. We had been married for just over 7.5 years. Waiting for years more seemed too much to ask when I was already so weary.

But we brought that packet home. Day by day we whittled the stack of forms lower and lower. We went to the trainings and read the required books. We made our house more inaccessible by baby proofing every inch without a baby in sight. We opened up our lives for scrutiny; our childhoods, marriage, family relationships, spirituality, parenting philosophy, finances, medical history. You name it, we did it.

We made it over the hurdles and we were approved in March. Since then we’ve experienced anticipation, excitement, and loss. We have spent the last five months hopeful, eager, nervous, and waiting for “the call”.

We did this all for a dream. The dream that someday soon we will be able to bring our child home. A dream that we’ll be able to watch the miracle of that child becoming a person; learning their strengths, helping them overcome their weaknesses, comforting them when they fall, and encouraging them to get back up. We dream of being parents and we’re willing to wait.


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