Dear Friends,

I hope you know how much we admire you already and look forward to getting to know you better. Until then, we’d like to introduce ourselves!

How We Met
EngagementDaniel and I met at a college church activity on the 4th of July over nine years ago. I often joke that the day we met there were fireworks. :) We hit it off immediately and after six months, we were married. I know that God intended Daniel to be my husband and I am grateful everyday that we were blessed to be sealed for eternity in the temple.

Education and Work
LibraryDaniel has always loved books. One summer when he was young, his parents promised him a penny for every page he read. He soon made them regret that challenge! He absorbs information like a sponge and regularly surprises me with his ability to recall the slightest details from books he read years ago. Daniel has his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Literature and his Masters in Library and Information Science. He loves his job, working as a librarian at our local city library.

PhotographerMy passion is photography. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and I am working on starting a small business specializing in portrait and event photography. I love the challenge of helping people be who they really are in front of the camera. A lot of the time that requires some goofiness on my part, but I love a good excuse to be silly! I am fortunate that this career will allow me to keep a flexible schedule to take the years I want to focus on my young children, when that time comes.

Camping with FriendsWe enjoy spending our free time at home. Daniel makes use of the video games he gets from work (he loves puzzle games especially) or reading science fiction or fantasy novels. I like to keep myself busy editing photographs, doing various crafts, or improving our home. We like go to the occasional local baseball game or movie, and we tend to keep our activities low key. We like to spend our vacation time camping or visiting with family, even better if it’s both.

Daniel has a few regular activities he participates in, including attending a regular drawing group and leading his friends in a regular tabletop role-playing game. I attend a small writing group and a monthly book club. These outlets give us some time to spend with people we love and feed our individual creativity and talents. These activities have also enriched our marriage because we always have something new to share besides the usual “how was your day”.

Adoption and Parenthood
New NephewWe have talked about adopting since we were engaged and agreed that it was something we wanted for our family. After several years of trying to have biological children, we discovered that adoption was God’s plan for us, too. We are excited to have the opportunity to build our family this way and are grateful to have the support of our family and friends as we travel this journey.

Daniel and I are eagerly looking forward to parenthood. Daniel is looking forward to having a buddy to play Pokemon with and have someone to teach to draw. He is a whiz at getting little ones at church to calm down and soothe them to sleep. I know that will come in handy when we have children. I look forward to messy art projects and discovery walks where I can watch my child take in the world. We look forward to reading stories and singing silly songs. We want to see our kids grow learning and discovering what they are talented at and what they love, helping them pursue their dreams. We hope they choose to go to college and discover even greater depths to their natural talents and abilities, but hope to guide them toward paths that will lead them to happiness no matter what they decide. We know that being parents will have its share of challenges, but we are so excited to expand our little family and share all the love we have in our hearts.

One Week Before Our WeddingIf there is anything I want you to know about us, though, it is that Daniel and I have a strong testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a convert to the church, but grew up with an unfailing witness that our Savior knew me and loved me. At the age of fourteen I learned about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the help of good friends and after four years of prayer and study, I was baptized. Daniel grew up in the church, his parents both faithful members. He has a faith and perspective that have strengthened me as we have met challenges and obstacles. We both have strong testimonies that keep us seeking to improve ourselves and inspire us to serve those around us. We look forward to nurturing our children in the gospel and supporting them as they develop their own testimony.

I hope that as you navigate these next challenging months that you will feel the arms of heaven bearing you up and feel the support of loved ones who admire you for your strength, as we do.


Christy and Daniel


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