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We are surrounded by amazing people and have been blessed with family, friends, and a community who are excited about our plans to adopt. This is a special place for them to share and show their support and love.

You’ll see they are wonderful, too!

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  1. My name is Sandra. I am paternal cousins with Christy. I have always known her to be a responsible, fastidious, nurturing individual. Growing up, she helped care for her sisters and brother on a regular basis. Christy has always had a loving heart – especially when it comes to children.

    As an educator, I truly do not think there could be more capable or loving parents than Daniel and Christy. Any adopted child in their care would be fortunate to have them as parents.

  2. Debra, Christy's Mom

    My daughter, Christy, is the oldest of my four children. She has always been a help to me around the home and with her sisters and brother. She is a blessing to have as a daughter and, now she is older, as a friend!

    What makes Christy special is her heart for others, I guess you could also call it a heart of Christ. She is cheerful with a smile on her face most of the time. And when she is around children of any age you can see the joy bubbling out of her in her energy and laughter with them.

    When she decided to adopt a child she said to me “Mom will you love my child?” Oh boy what a question, YES I will love this child with all the love I can give a grandchild and that is with a whole bunch of hugs and kisses and grandma time!!!

    I am so very excited to be a grandparent to Christy and Daniel’s children… It will be such a blessing for our whole family to spread our love even further!!!!

  3. Melissa, Christy's Sister

    Thank you so much for choosing the route of adoption. The choice you have made is an incredibly good and noble one. There are many deserving couples out there that desire to be parents, but for one reason or another can’t achieve that goal without the aid of giving people like yourself.

    My name is Melissa, and Christy is my big sister. Growing up, we used to play house together and I would always be the dad pretending to be at work, while she was the mother, at home and brushing her doll’s hair, changing her clothes and doing mommy things. Looking back, I can think of countless selfless moments in her life that have highlighted her ability to care, nourish, protect, defend, and especially love. Christy has looked forward to being a mother for so long, and it’s not only her dream to one day be a mommy, but mine as well. This is a woman that deserves your consideration, and will love any child blessed to her unconditionally. Her extended family will love the child and treat him/her as their own flesh and blood as well.

    Daniel is my Brother-In-Law. He is funny, smart, inviting, kind, warm and responsible. He only wants the best for his family, and is a great husband to Christy. He’s big on education, and would help provide for great opportunities for his child(ren). The long wait for a baby has made their relationship stronger and stronger over the years, but still they continue to wait. Seeing their hard work and prayers pay off would be one of the happiest moments in MY life, let alone the happiest in theirs! I want to reassure you of how safe, cared for and looked after your baby will be. With Christy and Daniel, you have nothing to worry about. They’re a loving, patient, devoted and deserving married couple that absolutely has my approval. Please consider them as your choice for parents to your child.

    All the best in the life ahead of you and many thanks from all of us!

  4. I believe that Christy and Daniel should be parents because the world needs more caring, attentive people like them to raise children. In today’s world, there are so many uncaring parents who have children without fully realizing the amount of responsibility that raising a child entails.

    Christy and Daniel have not only thought the entire parenting process through, but are fully willing and able to accept this great new responsibility. They are embracing it wholeheartedly by putting the utmost forethought into their new child’s life and well-being.

    With their family and church as a support foundation, I am sure that their child will grow up in a caring, loving environment with strong family values and become a very well-rounded person.

  5. Lori, friend of both

    I’ve known Dan since he was born. My family and his family were and are friends for over 37 years. His parents are responsible, calling-holding members of Church.

    Dan is a very loving, nurturing man. He’s able to talk with kids of all ages and his spirit is so kind that even young babies like being around him. Kids gravitate to him naturally, including my own two girls.

    When Dan introduced Christy to me (via email), I was delighted that he found his eternal mate. They love each other and have been married long enough to work through the normal newly-wed adjustments.

    I do not hesitate whatsoever in recommending Dan and Christy as parents. They understand that when they get to hold their eternal child, a mother will be shedding tears somewhere else. They are fully aware of what the journey to this decision will be for the biological mother. The child going to these two kind, loving people will be raised with love, gentle discipline and encouragement for learning and education. Games, fun and recreation will be a big part of his/her life as well.

    The biggest recommendation I can give is that if the situation was different, I would not hesitate to have Dan and Christy raise my child or grandchild. If you knew how deeply I loved my grandchildren, you’d understand how special these two are.

    I love Dan and Christy and know the love in their hearts for the possibility of their little family to grow bigger.

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