We can’t travel this journey alone. We need your help! Every time you help spread our message, we get that much closer to finding the birth family that will bring our child into our lives.

Here are a few ways that you can help us.

Support Us Online:

Host one of our buttons on your blog or website! Copy the code in the box below and paste it into your blog’s html widget or incorporate it into your website.

Adoption Website Buttons

Daniel and Christy: Waiting to Adopt
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Daniel and Christy's Adoption Website
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Adoption Blog Button

Daniel and Christy's Adoption Blog
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You can also “like” our page on Facebook and share with your friends online.

Daniel and Christy’s Adoption Page

Support Us in Your Community:

Download and print off a copy of this flyer, prep the tear away tabs at the bottom, and post on the bulletin board at your workplace, local coffee shop, or wherever else you hang out.

Other Suggestions: (College Student Union, Library, Laundromat, Dog Park, Grocery Store, Car Wash, Local Cafe, Bus Station, Train Station)

To Download:
1) Click on the Flyer Image below
2) Right Click on the Flyer Image in the New Window
3) Select “Save As” and Save to your Desktop

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