Since the beginning of our relationship, we have discussed adopting. Daniel has cousins who were adopted and since she was a child, Christy wanted adoption to be a part of her life. Once we were married, the hope was to have a couple of biological children and then adopt. After years of trying for a pregnancy and a lot of prayer, we felt like the right path for our family was to work toward adoption.

We are humbled to know that someday, someone will choose us to raise and love their baby. We are going to work hard to be the best parents we can be and hope to have an open arrangement that will allow our child to know and love his or her birth family and receive their love and support.

We’ve experienced an outpouring of support from friends and family as they’ve helped share our news and spread the word. Our parents are beyond thrilled with the hope of a new grandchild. For us and the people who surround us, adoption is a beautiful thing. We know our child will be celebrated and loved unconditionally throughout his or her life.

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