Question Answer: Daniel Answer: Christy
What’s your favorite game? Star Wars RPG Once Upon a Time
(Storytelling Game)
What was your childhood prized possession? Star Wars Figurines My Baby Doll
What your go to home remedy growing up? Barf Soda (Sprite) and TV Ginger Ale
What chore do you hate the most? Taking out the Trash Washing the Dishes
What food do you dislike? Anything left in the fridge too long Hamburger Helper
Who is your favorite super hero? Batman Superman
What did you like to do in the summer as a kid? Climb pine trees in the front yard Play Tag, Barbies, and Catch with my friends
What was your first job? Mowing Lawns Babysitting/Fast Food
What’s your favorite quote/saying? “Too much fun.” “Work like you don’t need the money, Love like you’ve never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching”
What’s your favorite fashion trend? MC Hammer Parachute Pants Layered Shirts and Flared Jeans
What was your first big trip? Visiting family in British Columbia, Canada Road trip to Michigan
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