We’re low key people. Rarely do we do big parties to celebrate, and if we do, they are never fussy. Most of the time we prefer a day of fun, spent with immediate family or a friend or two. Today we had a blast as we celebrated Daniel’s Birthday!


First stop of the day, a beach gathering with friends! Daniel lazed on the beach, carving out the perfect seat in the sand and dozing with his hat over his face. Doozer and I headed down to the shore and splashed around in the COLD water with his new super long leash.

My sweet friend Nicki took these of us (minus the first selfie) and I love them. After lunch and some sunshine, we headed to an ice cream shop for some sweets for the drive home.

daniel_cakeAfter a nice nap, Daniel played his latest video game while I ran out for pizza and cake. I lit a candle, sang him a song, and the birthday boy blew out the candle. With our tummies full of goodness, we were ready for our last adventure of the day…


…Pinball! About a year ago we were introduced to a guy who owns a garage and once a week in the evenings, he opens up the backroom where he keeps about a dozen pinball machines on free play. It’s like a Daniel dreamland. We spent a while hanging out and enjoying vintage game play.

I love our little family. We have such a wonderful time just being together and doing the things we love. I’m glad that we have the chance to celebrate each other and the joy we find in the little moments of just being who we are.

Written by the wife of the most awesome birthday boy in the world,


Let me first start by saying, I love, love, love my family. I love spending time with them. I love following all their adventures and sharing ours with them. Whenever I get a chance to celebrate with them, it’s always an amazing time of joy and laughter. We dance, we sing, we joke and tease. We don’t quite smiling. I love my family so much!

My second cousin, Rebecca, invited my mom and I to share in witnessing her beautiful wedding day. How could I resist spending a perfect evening surrounded by a room full of people I adore!


My Momma and Me

My Momma and I went shopping for a dress for her to wear to the wedding. She has been working hard at getting in shape and we were so excited to see her new beautiful figure in the mirror in the dressing room. Doesn’t she look amazing??? =)



Here’s the gorgeous bride, Rebecca, and her groom, Paul, laughing and giggling their way through the sand ceremony. This is when I really got a true feeling for their relationship and I pray that their marriage remains overflowing with this joy and love.


The wedding and reception venue was held at this AMAZING outdoor lakeside resort. The view and atmosphere was spectacular.  We bathed in the beautiful setting sun as we sat down to dinner.



Grandpa and Me


Grandma and Me

It was so wonderful to have the chance to visit with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family at such a beautiful place! We danced the night away, busting out moves to “Baby Got Back” (It’s the only song that mentions Becky by name. lol), singing into imaginary microphones for “Respect”, and jumping up and down to “Call Me Maybe”.


All my family has been an amazing support to Daniel and I as we have walked the road to adoption. They have said so many prayers and shared the news with so many, in hopes that someday we’ll find our match. I really can not express how blessed and overcome it makes me feel to hear all the things that they do to help us realize our dream.

I can imagine how special it will be to celebrate the arrival of our baby with our family. We just can’t wait to share our joy and spend the years growing and dancing through life together!

Enjoying every moment of being together again,


My friend, Andrea, is super awesome. She has a fun, smart, and easygoing personality that keeps me laughing and thinking. When she found out she was expecting, it was an amazing surprise. They’d been hoping for a child for years and I was so excited that I grabbed our friend, Maryanne, and we giddily started plotting the perfect shower for her!

After about two seconds of talking to Andrea about her shower, it was clear we were both on the same page that something different would be welcome. Since their having a boy, visions of mustaches danced in my head! Luckily both Andrea and Maryanne were on board with my wacky idea, and when the day came, all the awesomeness came together, including THE best group of friends. All the mustaches in the world could not be more wonderful than our friends and their witty, fun, and smart personalities! Thanks SO much to Maryanne for being my partner in creating such a FUN night!

A Few Details:

Our friend and marvelous baker, Sarah, made these DELICIOUS, handsome cupcakes! Chocolate and chocolate, drizzled with caramel. SO yummy!


Our only game, which was the perfect bit of trivia, laughs, and nostalgia, is below. We found the game on http://patandlindsay.blogspot.com and it was so perfect, we could not resist. There were a couple of ‘staches that even full size we couldn’t ID, so we made a substitution. I was surprised how many everyone knew! Maryanne found this awesome mug which was awarded to our winner!


Maryanne is an amazing quilter and crafted this beauty. I love the combo of mustache and typewriter fabrics! Anyone who owns one of her masterpieces should count themselves extremely lucky!


Andrea’s husband, Drew, is always smartly dressed and with a couple of these darling outfits, the new baby will be styling just like his daddy!


Photo Booth:

I’ve decided that a successful photo booth requires guests unafraid of embracing silliness. We were not lacking in silliness. Evidence below!





Advice Book:

We designed this little book for Andrea, including advice on how to be a gentleman for sweet little baby boy and the photo booth photos (with some detail shots thrown in and pretty, pretty scrapbook paper). If you’d like to use our book for your event, here’s the cover, back cover, and advice page.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.
 Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.
Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.
Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.


Maryanne and I sewed bow ties and pocket squares for each favor and included a See’s chocolate cigar and world map journal. Preparing and assembling these, made for the most FUN day! Maryanne declared the following on Facebook, “If there was a competition for improvised craft projects, Christy and I would take the rest of you DOWN!”. lol

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

I love, love, love my friends and I’m so excited for Andrea’s handsome little gentleman to make grand entrance!!!


Right to Left: Maryanne, Andrea, and Me <3

Always Dapper and Darling, your perspective adoptive Momma,


Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

Sending love your way for the things you do to help support and uplift our family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love, the ever hopeful, prospective adoptive mommy,


Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

  • Doozer was named by Daniel after a race of Muppets from Fraggle Rock.
  • I might be a bit biased, but he is adorable! He’s SO handsome and funny and sweet.
  • If you have a handful of animal crackers, he’ll follow you around with eyes that will wear you down and fast.


  • He knows how to sit, lay down, shake, roll over, give kisses, stay, come when he’s called, and “leave it” on command.
  • Our doggy is great with kids, even little ones. So far, he’s played gently and kindly with babies as young as 8-12 months.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

  • Say the word “walk” and his head will tilt to the point you think it might roll off.
  • We trained for a half marathon together. He’s the perfect running buddy and keeps me motivated. Next up… marathon training!

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

  • He has lighter markings above his eyes, so we get to witness the most awesome expressions.
  • When things get stressful or we’re feeling down, he sticks by our side until we are feeling better.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

  • He sighs when he’s bored. I think he might even roll his eyes at my silly antics from time to time.
  • When he gets pets, Doozer performs a signature move we call “The Flop” in hopes of getting an upgrade to belly rubs.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

Doozer has been a part of our family for an entire year, as of today! We’re lucky to have such an amazing dog to cheer our hearts and bring laughter and joy into our home! We love our pup!

Showering our doggy with love and cuddles, your future adoptive mommy and daddy,

Christy and Daniel

I love Christmas. I love the way the lights twinkle and the taste hot chocolate on a cold night. I even sorta still love the annoying pop Christmas songs you hear at the grocery store. Ok, maybe not love. I do love traditional Christmas hymns, so I guess I’m not a total Grinch.

My momma and I made cookies this year to pass out to some local friends. We iced sugar cookies and almond sweets, and we added a few chocolate chip cookies just for variety. We started decorating a little later than our neighbors this year, but that’s ok. I’ll likely leave them up a little longer to enjoy them longer.

For the last couple Christmases, I’ve started changing out the pictures in our hallway gallery. I usually have some of my favorite photographs I’ve done over the years there, but this time of year, I like to have something a little more festive. I have a TON of scrapbooking paper and I decided that it would be more attractive on my walls then sitting in the closet.
Holiday Frames for the Holidays

Our little tree sits by the front window and the outdoors on the other side of the window is a wreath I put together using two gently used wreaths. The inner one has nuts and pine cones and the outer one has red berries. A couple of craft store holiday picks and a bow and you have a pretty awesome wreath!
Our Little Tree and Outdoor Wreath

Next is an assortment of our ornaments. Having been married in December, we received a lot of Christmas decorations as a part of our wedding gifts. Oddly enough, with the exception of Chewbacca down there, each of those ornaments was acquired around that time! The Mikey and Minnie ornament was a gift from my sister, Melissa. Well sorta.The one my sister gave us was accidentally thrown out with a bunch of tissue paper from unwrapped presents. I was devastated, so we bought a replacement as soon as we could. I love it and it makes me happy to hang it each year.

The Golden Gate bridge we bought for ourselves on our honeymoon to San Francisco. The fabric heart was made by Daniel’s mother using scraps of fabric from our bridesmaid dresses and a table runner from the reception. Isn’t she crafty?! =) Even the glass bulbs in the lantern were from our centerpieces at our reception.
Wedding Ornament with Engagement Photo
Reindeer Ornament and Mickey and Minnie Ornament
San Francisco Honeymoon Ornament
Heart Ornament Made from Wedding Materials and Chewbacca Ornament

What sorts of special things do you get out to celebrate the season and make your home a little more cozy? I’m always up for new ideas!

Built In Decorations

Waiting for my “partridge in a pear tree” *wink*, your cheerful prospective adoptive momma,



This is Daniel and I at the taqueria down the street…

Anniversary Dinner @ Taqueria

He surprised me with these!!!
Bouquet of Two Dozen Roses
And I spent the rest of the night looking like this…
Christy and her roses
Then I started taking pictures…
Rose with Venice Painting Background

Single Rose with Black Background

Pink Rose

Antique Roses

….and now they’ll last forever. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Nine years! It’s funny to say, because even though we’ve been through so much together, it just doesn’t seem possible that we could have been married this long already. =) I know more and more each day that we were meant to be together. It seems cliche, but Daniel is truly the best person I could have by my side.

We are different in so many ways, but I love that about us.

  • I’m known for being short and spazzy and he’s more the stoic and serious type.
  • He’s got a memory like a steel trap and I use a planner, take photos, and journal to help me remember.
  • I’m as busy as they come with half a dozen things going on at the same time and Daniel has laser focus as he works one priority at a time.
  • He’s confident and when he’s not, he deals well with uncertainty and when things don’t go according to plan sometimes I feel lost and lean on him.

He fills in the spots where I need a hand and I’m there to help when he needs me. When we work together, we can do some pretty awesome stuff!

Who wants to see some wedding photos? Thought so!

Daniel and Christy in Wedding Day

Wedding Ring

Our Families

Existing the Temple

Daniel and Christy

Daniela and the Bridesmaids

Unexpected Affection

Can’t wait to see my sweet husband tonight and plant a big one on him. Kinda like our friend, Garrett, did on our wedding day. I think this might have been the most memorable kiss of the day. =)

First Dace/ Our Song? Check.

Looking Together

We remain, as ever, just a couple of kids in love,

Christy and Daniel

It was a foggy, freezing cold morning when Daniel, my mom, and I headed to the starting line of my very first half marathon last Saturday. It was still dark when I lined up with about 1,200 other runners and butterflies filled my stomach as an enthusiastic DJ updated us to how close we all were to “go time”. Looking over at the sidelines I gave quick, nervous waves to Daniel and my mom. Before I knew it we were counting down.. “Five, four, three, two, ONE!”

Waiting for the Race to Start   Thumbs up, Everythings a GO!

The start was a bit slow, but soon we were all moving in one great mass. Within the first half mile, there was a downward slope and the sky was getting lighter. I watched a river of people moving together hopeful and determined, ready to test their body, mind, and spirit. Realizing that I was running with them choked me up and I wiped away a few tears!

The first five miles were great! Then the hills started. Three miles of them. It wasn’t so much running as it was hiking at a quick pace! But soon I was out of the fog and looking at the valley below, the blanket of fog stretching out with a hill peaking out with a lone oak tree on top. It was beautiful! I wished so much that I had a camera with me!

The next couple miles were all down hill and I headed back into the fog. My knees were starting to bother me while walking my intervals, but running still felt good. By mile 10, I was all smiles! There were some amazing people cheering for strangers on the sidelines with all kinds of encouraging homemade signs and smiles.


IMG_5562My high spirits took a head dive around mile 11.5 when my knees started to ache. As each foot hit the pavement, sharp pain made my eyes tear. It wouldn’t let up, no matter how many walking intervals I took. It was at mile 12.5, when I was alternating between pathetic whimpers and sharp inhales in response to the pain, I saw a woman holding a sign. “Pain is temporary. Your race results will be on the internet forever”. That did it. I was determined to push through it, no matter what. I took a deep breath and picked up my pace.

When I saw the finish line, I was beyond relieved. I could feel emotions beginning to spill over and as I crossed the threshold, I started sobbing. (I saw a photo of myself at the finish and it was NOT pretty!) I had done it. I had run over epic hills and through thick fog. I had run from dark into daylight. My goal had been 2 hours and 30 mins, and I was thrilled to finish in 2:24:59.

IMG_5565I found my mom and Daniel and they were so proud and happy for me. Luckily by then, I was able to collect myself and find my excitement again. Daniel had made a sign just for me. It was the brightest and most awesome sign I’d seen in 13.1 miles!

It’s hard to believe I just started my journey back to running in April at the Mud Run 5k. It’s amazing to look back on how far I’ve come, now that I’m able to run for such a long stretch. I’m hoping I can work out the kinks and train for a marathon next fall! Gotta get that 26.2 before I reach my 30th birthday! =)

Until next race, I remain your lovable prospective adoptive mommy,


Front Porch Fall DecorUp until last summer, Daniel and I had always lived in an apartment. The lack of space and character made it rough to decorate the outside so I could share with the world just how much I love holidays! The inside, however was as festive as we could manage.

Now that we live in this wonderful little house, there’s plenty of room to put a creative touch here and there that makes me happy. I’m missing some pumpkins from the front porch (we’ve been so busy that a trip to the pumpkin patch hasn’t really happened…bummer) but the glow and some accents are there!

My sweet friend, Meagan, made me this wreath for a Pinterest inspired gift exchange we had last week. She did an amazing job and I was thrilled to receive it! Every time I see it, it makes me smile! I added a vinyl letter sign my friend bought for me at a craft boutique earlier this year. Megan made sure that the color would work not only for the fall, but for the nursery as well! How sweet is that? When fall makes way for winter, I think I’ll put it above the window in the baby’s room. :)

Rossette Wreath

The added the light strands as a backdrop thanks to another brilliant Pinterest idea. I put them between our shutters and the window so they are nice and snug and we can adjust how much light comes into the living room by adjusting the shutters.

Light Backdrop

Owl WreathThis cute little wreath is hanging on our door. The owl was a buy from World Market last year. I picked up some silk flowers from the dollar store and worked it all into a grapevine wreath. I love how vintage it feels. :)

A big plus is this stuff can stretch into Thanksgiving since it’s more Autumn than holiday specific. Can’t wait until we have a chance to get some pumpkins so the trick or treaters feel some fall magic on our doorstep on Wednesday night!