So, lets say you like to run (like me) and you end up with some pretty awesome souvenirs from your races; bibs and medals that prove that you, in fact, are a rock star. What do you do with them? Stick them in a drawer? Throw them in your memory box?

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Naw… we get crafty and make an awesome display board to share them with all the world!!! lol True that mine is hanging in the laundry room and it doesn’t get a crazy amount of attention from my adoring fans. It does however make me smile and reminds me every time I see it that I am good at running… and should keep it up as much as possible. *wink*

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Don’t you LOVE the acid green? It’s my favorite color ever. The paper I used is from a discontinued Die Cuts With a View collection called “The Rockstar Stack”. If you can get your hands on it, it truly rocks. As you can see, I only needed two 12×12 sheets for this project. I applied them to the board with Mod Podge and covered the paper with a coat on top to keep it from getting mucked up over time.

The hooks for my bibs are going to help me accommodate many more adventures. I got these in pack for cheap at the local hardware store. They were also the perfect size to hold my dowel in place for the medals to hang.

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Each medal is strung onto the dowel. I made my board too short to accommodate the full length of the ribbons, so I folded them and thew in a safety pin or a quick stitch to keep them short enough to hang at the right length.

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My mother-in-law sweetly helped me by cutting the lettering using her die-cut machine. She has a Cricut and uses contact paper in her machine. Works like a charm! If you don’t have access to one, you could hand cut letters or buy a precut alphabet and mod podge it on.

The board I used is a piece of scrap I picked up from the hardware store. Check with the cutting counter. Often times they have boards that other customers have trimmed that they can discount (or give you) that will work great for your project. This board is 20″x11.5″ and worked like a charm!

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You’ll notice that not all my medals are “real medals”. My 10k race was a fun low budget church activity and so they handed out buttons. What to do… I figured it was just as important as the rest, so I found a piece of ribbon I liked and pinned it to make a mock medal. Now it hangs with the big guys and stands out as my most colorful piece of the collection yet!

I’m so happy I put this baby together! It didn’t take long to do and it’s so much fun. How could you lock these guys up in a deep dark closet? No, they were meant to be out and making me grin.

Love always, your crafty adoptive momma to be,


My friend, Andrea, is super awesome. She has a fun, smart, and easygoing personality that keeps me laughing and thinking. When she found out she was expecting, it was an amazing surprise. They’d been hoping for a child for years and I was so excited that I grabbed our friend, Maryanne, and we giddily started plotting the perfect shower for her!

After about two seconds of talking to Andrea about her shower, it was clear we were both on the same page that something different would be welcome. Since their having a boy, visions of mustaches danced in my head! Luckily both Andrea and Maryanne were on board with my wacky idea, and when the day came, all the awesomeness came together, including THE best group of friends. All the mustaches in the world could not be more wonderful than our friends and their witty, fun, and smart personalities! Thanks SO much to Maryanne for being my partner in creating such a FUN night!

A Few Details:

Our friend and marvelous baker, Sarah, made these DELICIOUS, handsome cupcakes! Chocolate and chocolate, drizzled with caramel. SO yummy!


Our only game, which was the perfect bit of trivia, laughs, and nostalgia, is below. We found the game on and it was so perfect, we could not resist. There were a couple of ‘staches that even full size we couldn’t ID, so we made a substitution. I was surprised how many everyone knew! Maryanne found this awesome mug which was awarded to our winner!


Maryanne is an amazing quilter and crafted this beauty. I love the combo of mustache and typewriter fabrics! Anyone who owns one of her masterpieces should count themselves extremely lucky!


Andrea’s husband, Drew, is always smartly dressed and with a couple of these darling outfits, the new baby will be styling just like his daddy!


Photo Booth:

I’ve decided that a successful photo booth requires guests unafraid of embracing silliness. We were not lacking in silliness. Evidence below!





Advice Book:

We designed this little book for Andrea, including advice on how to be a gentleman for sweet little baby boy and the photo booth photos (with some detail shots thrown in and pretty, pretty scrapbook paper). If you’d like to use our book for your event, here’s the cover, back cover, and advice page.

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 Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at
Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at
Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at


Maryanne and I sewed bow ties and pocket squares for each favor and included a See’s chocolate cigar and world map journal. Preparing and assembling these, made for the most FUN day! Maryanne declared the following on Facebook, “If there was a competition for improvised craft projects, Christy and I would take the rest of you DOWN!”. lol

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

I love, love, love my friends and I’m so excited for Andrea’s handsome little gentleman to make grand entrance!!!


Right to Left: Maryanne, Andrea, and Me <3

Always Dapper and Darling, your perspective adoptive Momma,


Great Love
Sigh… This is many years ago, back when we were so YOUNG. We had annual passes to Disneyland that year and I dragged Daniel along almost every week. We took these photos on our last visit before they expired. I think that’s part of the reason Daniel was so cheery; he’s looking forward to a nice long break from “The Happiest Place on Earth”. *wink*

Lately, one of my favorite things is to go for a walk down the street with Doozer, our dog, and Daniel to eat dinner together at the taqueria. Doozer loves munching on tortilla chips while we enjoy some yummy carnitas.

We’re pretty lucky. We have been such great friends all the time we’ve been together. He makes me smile, shake my head, but really, he mostly just makes me happy. It’s been great having Doozer in the family, too. I get to watch the nurturing and playful side of my husband much more often. I love it. SO MUCH.

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have our nine years of happy memories with Daniel to look back on!

Love your nostalgic and sappy, prospective adoptive momma,


I’m not exactly sure when it happened… but I’m a runner now. I get the “runner’s high” and get running injuries. I run in rain, shine, and fog. I run during the day, and I’ll run at night.

I also get really giddy over gear and clothing and I like that I can personalize my stuff. I got together with my friend, Nicki, a week or two back and we broke out the freezer paper and fabric paint. Now I have some awesomeness to share with you.

Iconographic Running Shirt

I like this one, because I didn’t have to cut out a billion little letters with my craft knife.

Smart Mouth Tank Top

It’s not really tank top running weather yet, but I really wanted to plaster this one on a shirt as soon as I felt confident enough to pull off the phrase. I like it! It’s empowering!

Running Themed PJs

I finished these pajama bottoms a few months back, but hadn’t taken pictures of them yet. These aren’t freezer paper related, but I love how comfy they are and the print is awesome! Here’s the pattern I used (Butterick B5571). It was easy to use and they fit just the way I like ‘em.

What do you love to do? You can personalize your own old T-Shirts, bandanas, sweatshirts, kids clothing, the list goes on and on. Just make sure the material is ok to iron before you start (learned that one the hard way!) Check out my other Freezer Paper creations here: Spiff it Up and Conversation Starter

Are you a runner too? Download the template and make your own! Just right click and save. =)

Freezer Paper Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • T-Shirt or other Iron Safe clothing article
  • Freezer Paper (found at the grocery
    store near the baggies and aluminum foil)
  • Printer
  • Craft Knife
  • Self-Healing Mat
  • Iron
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Acrylic or Fabric Paint
  • Paintbrush


  1. IronDesign or download your stencil and print onto the matte side of a sheet of freezer paper trimmed to accommodate your printer.
  1. Using the craft knife and self-healing mat, cut out printed portions of your stencil and reserve any inside pieces (like the inside of the “A” or “D” in DAD.
  2. Iron your burp rag to remove any creases and place the stencil waxy side down on the rag.
  3. Iron the stencil and any inside details onto the rag until the stencil adheres firmly.
  4. Allow the stencil a few minutes to cool.paint
  5. Place foil on underside of rag and apply paint to the exposed portion of the stencil. Add additional coats as needed to achieve desired color/saturation.
  6. Allow paint to dry completely, then peel stencil off of rag. Use the craft knife to help remove the smaller pieces.
  7. Admire your creative prowess!

Handsewn Owl Plushies

I don’t know if I’m the most crafty person in the world, but I do like to try new things. My Pinterest account in stocked full of things I want to do and make. I decided that over the break from work that I needed to try to make an effort to work on some of the of the ideas I have piled up.

When I saw these guys again, I knew that I could probably handle them without too much trouble and I was right! This would be an awesome project to do with a little one learning to sew. All of the sewing is done by hand and requires only a simple running stitch. They might need a grown up to help cut out the little pieces, but it’s a darling project! It only took me an hour or so to do each one at a lazy pace while watching LOST on Netflix. =)

You can find the tutorial and the template on

Stitch Details

Layers of Felt

These guys would make an awesome little Valentines Day gift or maybe just fun to toss around. Daniel was surprised a couple times while I was testing out their wings… *wink*

Trio of Owl Plushies

Catch up with you after I clean up my pile of felt scraps,


This could quite possibly be the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. My mother-in-law is awesome! So very, very awesome!

Glass Storage Jar with "my stache" detail

Have a very dapper, very stachey Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Possessor of the most awesome glass storage container ever,


Front Porch Fall DecorUp until last summer, Daniel and I had always lived in an apartment. The lack of space and character made it rough to decorate the outside so I could share with the world just how much I love holidays! The inside, however was as festive as we could manage.

Now that we live in this wonderful little house, there’s plenty of room to put a creative touch here and there that makes me happy. I’m missing some pumpkins from the front porch (we’ve been so busy that a trip to the pumpkin patch hasn’t really happened…bummer) but the glow and some accents are there!

My sweet friend, Meagan, made me this wreath for a Pinterest inspired gift exchange we had last week. She did an amazing job and I was thrilled to receive it! Every time I see it, it makes me smile! I added a vinyl letter sign my friend bought for me at a craft boutique earlier this year. Megan made sure that the color would work not only for the fall, but for the nursery as well! How sweet is that? When fall makes way for winter, I think I’ll put it above the window in the baby’s room. :)

Rossette Wreath

The added the light strands as a backdrop thanks to another brilliant Pinterest idea. I put them between our shutters and the window so they are nice and snug and we can adjust how much light comes into the living room by adjusting the shutters.

Light Backdrop

Owl WreathThis cute little wreath is hanging on our door. The owl was a buy from World Market last year. I picked up some silk flowers from the dollar store and worked it all into a grapevine wreath. I love how vintage it feels. :)

A big plus is this stuff can stretch into Thanksgiving since it’s more Autumn than holiday specific. Can’t wait until we have a chance to get some pumpkins so the trick or treaters feel some fall magic on our doorstep on Wednesday night!

Endowment Day

Christy and Daniel at the Temple
(Click to Enlarge)

I was raised with the sure knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I had a testimony of this at a very young age and have known of the power of the atonement throughout my life. We never consistently attended church as a family, but we were Christian in faith.

When I was 14 years old I met a guy at high school, named Josef, that I eventually started to crush on. When I took a step back, I wondered why it was that I liked him. The main reasons ended up being that he had high standards, he wasn’t at all profane, he was kind… overall just one of the best people I had ever met. I asked why he was this way and he explained it was his church and his beliefs that made him who he was.

Time went by and I continued to wonder about what it was he actually believed. I started looking at myself and realized I wasn’t happy with the way I was living my life and wasn’t making choices that the Savior taught.

I started asking Josef and other friend, Melaney, about their church. It was the first time I had ever heard about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After some time I decided to pray about what they were telling me. It was the first time in my life that I actually prayed and received an answer. I had a sure feeling that what they were teaching me was true and to continue finding out more about the church.

I started making changes in my behavior by living the standards the gospel taught. I spent the next several years studying the Bible, finding out more about the church, and praying about what I was learning.

Christy's Baptism

Christy with the Missionaries
(Click to Enlarge)

I went to my first meeting at an LDS Church just after I graduated high school. Within a month of attending my first meeting, I was baptized. A year and a half later I married my husband in the Redlands California Temple.

Though the many challenges I’ve faced over the last ten years of membership in the LDS church, I’ve had my faith to sustain me. I have know so many wonderful people thanks to my association with this church. It has strengthened my marriage. I have found meaning and peace in my life. I have been blessed. I know in time, the gospel of Jesus Christ will provide the keys and inspiration that will help me be a mother of faith and gentleness to the children sent into our care.


I Believe

click to enlarge

Several years ago on my birthday, Daniel surprised me with a letter that described his memories of some of the most important moments of our life together. I got his ok to use some of it here, so you could hear more of his voice and his heart. I cherish this letter. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

The morning we were married
“I set my alarm for three and a half hours after getting in from Return of the King. The movie was alright, but I was preoccupied with what would be happening later in the morning. I was exhausted and mercifully sleep came quickly.  I slept the sleep of the innocent. I woke up, dressed, and left for the temple making sure that I had everything we needed.

I felt wonderful. I felt excited. I even felt rested, which to this day still boggles my mind. I wanted to make sure that everything was right, but then on the other hand I didn’t really have a care in the world. At that moment of time, I knew that this was the right thing to be doing and there was no doubt or fear in my mind.

I remember thinking that this moment in time would never come again and that this was the most important thing I’d ever do in my life as I made those sacred covenants with you in front of God, Angels, and Witnesses.

Time felt like it crawled by as I waited for you to make your appearance. I remember almost falling out of my seat as you finally walked out of the hallway and into the room. I thought you were the most beautiful creature on the face of the Earth and I was the luckiest man for you to have taken such a risk on me. Truly, I was so taken back by your beauty and your grace that I remember just wanting to take that moment and freeze it.

I felt wrapped up in the Spirit and comforted when I was asked to take me place across the alter from you and join hands. The actual ceremony seemed to whisk by like a paper caught in a strong fall breeze. I’d heard the words before, but this time it was different, as this time sealed me to you for eternity.” – Daniel, Summer 2007

Yet to ComeThere are moments in my day that are great. Shiny little bits that make my smile creep out. A song on the radio. Daniel’s touch. My dog’s pant. A friend’s laugh.

Sometimes though, the waiting gets to me. I try to outrun it by hitting the pavement and logging miles. I distract myself with books and with shows on TV. I get together with my friends and talk late into the night about everything under the sun. We load up the dog in the car and go for day trips.

And every once in a while we just sit. It’s quiet and we hold each other and just breathe. It’s gotten past wondering out loud. We’ve already spent years of talking back and forth about the questions we have and trying to guess the way it’s going to happen, or even if it will. We’ve already said it all. Now we just wait.

Every couple that has adopted goes through this. Whether they wait just a few weeks or years, the consensus is that they have all agonized with the wait. But from everything that I have read, they would all do it over again because even though the wait was hard, in the end it led them to the child that was meant to be in their family. They look at the losses they’ve experienced and the matches that didn’t work out and they are grateful for them, because if anything had been different they wouldn’t have have their child. And life would just not be the same.

I try not to focus on the wait. I try to just live my life and pray that it will all work out. I have to trust that this wait is for a purpose. That this time living in the unknown will be the best thing in the end because it will lead to our baby. And we will be the family that God intended us to be.