Doozer Near the Water

You all know and love my silly, sweet doggie, Doozer. Well I thought I knew him. Specifically, I thought that he wasn’t a fan of water. That was until Doozer and I went for a walk to a creek not to far from home.

We went to the edge so I could let him get a drink and see the ducks and loons. Then he just got in!!! I was SO excited I had brought my camera with me so I could share the moment with Daniel when we got home! Added Bonus: Video Evidence!

Doozer Splashing in the Water

Someone smelled a little too much like wet dog (and was a bit muddy) by the end of his adventure, so we headed to the pet store where they have a self serve dog wash. Some friends of ours decided to help! =)

Doozer Gets a Bath

All clean and dry! The whole helper crew!

It was SO much fun to discover this side of Doozer! I can’t wait to get him a LONG leash or find a off leash area where he can show me his stuff!

The simply amazed, waiting adoptive momma,


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  • Doozer was named by Daniel after a race of Muppets from Fraggle Rock.
  • I might be a bit biased, but he is adorable! He’s SO handsome and funny and sweet.
  • If you have a handful of animal crackers, he’ll follow you around with eyes that will wear you down and fast.


  • He knows how to sit, lay down, shake, roll over, give kisses, stay, come when he’s called, and “leave it” on command.
  • Our doggy is great with kids, even little ones. So far, he’s played gently and kindly with babies as young as 8-12 months.

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  • Say the word “walk” and his head will tilt to the point you think it might roll off.
  • We trained for a half marathon together. He’s the perfect running buddy and keeps me motivated. Next up… marathon training!

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  • He has lighter markings above his eyes, so we get to witness the most awesome expressions.
  • When things get stressful or we’re feeling down, he sticks by our side until we are feeling better.

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  • He sighs when he’s bored. I think he might even roll his eyes at my silly antics from time to time.
  • When he gets pets, Doozer performs a signature move we call “The Flop” in hopes of getting an upgrade to belly rubs.

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Doozer has been a part of our family for an entire year, as of today! We’re lucky to have such an amazing dog to cheer our hearts and bring laughter and joy into our home! We love our pup!

Showering our doggy with love and cuddles, your future adoptive mommy and daddy,

Christy and Daniel

Since we got Doozer in February I’ve wanted to take him to a dog beach. We finally got the chance to take him on labor day weekend! =)

He LOVED all the new smells and after a few sniffs, he tore up and down the shore. It was so awesome to see him in such a natural environment enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Daniel and I played some frisbee and then we got a tennis ball and the ball launcher out for Doozer. Since we were the only ones on the beach, we launched the ball out super far and Doozer bolted!

Doozer isn’t too fond of water usually, so when a couple waves caught him by surprise, I was sure he would freak. To our surprise though, he ran out to greet the waves several times on his own. I think his favorite moment happened when a gull flew overhead. It was all we could do to get him to come back! It made me so happy to see him so excited and happy.

Doozer's Beach Day Collage

Today we celebrate our sweet puppy’s birthday! We don’t actually know the day he was born, except it was in August of 2010, so we picked a day right about in the middle of the month. =)

I had to get some photos for him to commemorate the day because, let’s face it… it’s what I do.

(Click to enlarge)


Just wanted to share some photos of our puppy after Daniel and I worked on images of me in my adoption t shirt. He’s got a birthday coming up next month. Two years old! =)


I can’t tell you how great it’s been to have Doozer in our family. He is the sweetest boy. Always happy to get rubs and quick to give kisses. His eyes are so soulful and so beautiful. Every morning I love walking him all drowsy out to the yard and every afternoon when I come home he’s so happy to see me. He melts my heart. =)