My friend, Andrea, is super awesome. She has a fun, smart, and easygoing personality that keeps me laughing and thinking. When she found out she was expecting, it was an amazing surprise. They’d been hoping for a child for years and I was so excited that I grabbed our friend, Maryanne, and we giddily started plotting the perfect shower for her!

After about two seconds of talking to Andrea about her shower, it was clear we were both on the same page that something different would be welcome. Since their having a boy, visions of mustaches danced in my head! Luckily both Andrea and Maryanne were on board with my wacky idea, and when the day came, all the awesomeness came together, including THE best group of friends. All the mustaches in the world could not be more wonderful than our friends and their witty, fun, and smart personalities! Thanks SO much to Maryanne for being my partner in creating such a FUN night!

A Few Details:

Our friend and marvelous baker, Sarah, made these DELICIOUS, handsome cupcakes! Chocolate and chocolate, drizzled with caramel. SO yummy!


Our only game, which was the perfect bit of trivia, laughs, and nostalgia, is below. We found the game on and it was so perfect, we could not resist. There were a couple of ‘staches that even full size we couldn’t ID, so we made a substitution. I was surprised how many everyone knew! Maryanne found this awesome mug which was awarded to our winner!


Maryanne is an amazing quilter and crafted this beauty. I love the combo of mustache and typewriter fabrics! Anyone who owns one of her masterpieces should count themselves extremely lucky!


Andrea’s husband, Drew, is always smartly dressed and with a couple of these darling outfits, the new baby will be styling just like his daddy!


Photo Booth:

I’ve decided that a successful photo booth requires guests unafraid of embracing silliness. We were not lacking in silliness. Evidence below!





Advice Book:

We designed this little book for Andrea, including advice on how to be a gentleman for sweet little baby boy and the photo booth photos (with some detail shots thrown in and pretty, pretty scrapbook paper). If you’d like to use our book for your event, here’s the cover, back cover, and advice page.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at
 Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at
Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at
Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at


Maryanne and I sewed bow ties and pocket squares for each favor and included a See’s chocolate cigar and world map journal. Preparing and assembling these, made for the most FUN day! Maryanne declared the following on Facebook, “If there was a competition for improvised craft projects, Christy and I would take the rest of you DOWN!”. lol

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

I love, love, love my friends and I’m so excited for Andrea’s handsome little gentleman to make grand entrance!!!


Right to Left: Maryanne, Andrea, and Me <3

Always Dapper and Darling, your perspective adoptive Momma,


A beautiful spring day spent at the temple with my dear friend, Nancy. Spending the day at such a peaceful place with the symbols of hope blooming around the grounds. Perfection.

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at

Doozer Near the Water

You all know and love my silly, sweet doggie, Doozer. Well I thought I knew him. Specifically, I thought that he wasn’t a fan of water. That was until Doozer and I went for a walk to a creek not to far from home.

We went to the edge so I could let him get a drink and see the ducks and loons. Then he just got in!!! I was SO excited I had brought my camera with me so I could share the moment with Daniel when we got home! Added Bonus: Video Evidence!

Doozer Splashing in the Water

Someone smelled a little too much like wet dog (and was a bit muddy) by the end of his adventure, so we headed to the pet store where they have a self serve dog wash. Some friends of ours decided to help! =)

Doozer Gets a Bath

All clean and dry! The whole helper crew!

It was SO much fun to discover this side of Doozer! I can’t wait to get him a LONG leash or find a off leash area where he can show me his stuff!

The simply amazed, waiting adoptive momma,


I used to keep a blog a long time ago just about what was going on with my life and general journal entries. I was wondering around memory lane and found this blurb about our adoption fund I was working on in February 2007.

I was blessed to have been babysitting the sweet and wonderful Katarina. I saved each precious dollar I earned from babysitting her in a heart shaped box we received for our wedding in hopes that someday we would bring a baby home.

Christy and Katarina playing with web cam photos in Dec 2008

Christy and Katarina playing with web cam photos in Dec 2008

“My adoption fund is growing by the week. Every week, I take the money out and count it. I am so glad to have the ability to watch a little girl and in return, make some money to put away for my own little boy or girl. It’s great practice and helps me to learn different things about watching after kids. It eases my “baby hunger” because I can love her and play with her every week. I am lucky, too, that she is such a good baby. She is nearly ALWAYS happy. She recovers well when she bumps and falls and does her toddler type things. She is learning to talk and I love teaching her new words. Daniel and I got her to say “noodle” all night one night. It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard. Especially watching Daniel’s face light up when she would repeat the word for him.”

Christy and Katarina in 2012

Christy and Katarina Oct. 2012

Katarina is seven years old now! It has been so amazing to watch her grow. We marveled at the day she started using full sentences. We were impressed when she started playing the guitar.

She has helped me learn so many things about carrying for a little person and helped me see the blessing it is to watch and support someone as they find out who they are.

We have loved Katarina since she was a little baby and she’s excited for us to one day be a mommy and a daddy. We’re lucky to have the love and prayers of such a precious little girl!

I was playing with her last week and she looked at me seriously and asked if we had our baby yet. I told her that we were still waiting for someone to pick us. She replied, “Oh, but it’s been a long time.” My heart broke a little listening to her response. It really hit me that Daniel and I are not the only ones that are waiting eagerly for our baby to come into our lives. I know that when the time comes, that Katarina will be one of the most excited. She will make a fantastic role model and friend for our child!

There are so many people in our lives that our waiting to hear good news for us. There are so many people that will be there to celebrate, to cry, and to laugh when that sweet moment comes. We are so blessed and loved that it makes my heart hurt to think of it. We are being showered in prayers and good thoughts and we are so grateful.

Even little Katarina can’t wait.

Kinda and ChristyI just got back from a trip to visit one of my best friends, Kindra, and her family. I used to watch her little girl before she could walk on Wednesday nights while Kindra went to martial arts classes.

Christy and the Kiddos

Each time she came to pick her daughter up, we would end up talking, each time we ended up talking a little longer. It wasn’t long before we were best friends.

When the they all moved to Missouri in July, I was heartbroken. Daniel and I had been to birthday parties and to the hospital when their youngest was born. Kindra and I would get together at least once a week to go shopping, have dinner, or just hang out. It was a rough time for me when they all said goodbye.

Luckily I had a few vacation days saved up and so I flew out to visit them last week! It was so great to spend some time together! They were due for some family photos, so we headed out to their property where the are working on building their dream house. It’s GORGEOUS!

FamilyThe KiddosMartin and KindraSmith Family

Aren’t they SOOoooOOOooo cute?

Being a California girl, I haven’t had much opportunity to get a real taste of Autumn. I could see the beautiful trees from the airplane and I enjoyed the the whole visit. I even was treated to a thunderstorm! =)

Kindra and I went to see Les Miserables at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. I had forgotten how beautiful a live orchestra sounds. I miss being part of the musical world sometimes. I should remember to take time to enjoy it more.

Another day we ran around the City Museum in St. Louis. It was so strange and wonderful. We crawled through crazy tunnels, watched a magic show, and made creatures out of clay.

Kindra and Kiddo #1Martin and Kiddo #2Kiddo #2

On the last full day of my visit, Kindra and her sister in law pulled off a big homemade Birthday Carnival for five of the kids in the family. There were tons of games, activities, a prize table, and I got to man the photo booth. Here’s one of my favorites. =)

Carnival Photo BoothThere were some more tears when I had to leave again, but seeing them in their new home with family around, I’m happy for them. They live in a beautiful place, surrounded by love. What better place is there?

Kindra and Christy