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This time of year, as we celebrate with friends and family, I am constantly reminded of the true beauty of the season. Daniel and I have a testimony of Christ, our Savior. We celebrate and treasure His humble birth, sinless life, selfless sacrifice, and eternal glory.

Daniel and I aren’t perfect people. We made mistakes, just as all do, but we have hope through Christ that we can find forgiveness. We have His example to follow, so that we can keep trying to become better people and of better service to our Father in Heaven.

This photograph is of a nativity that we display in our living room year round. We keep it out because it serves as a reminder to always be grateful and mindful of how blessed we are to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

As a gift this season, Daniel and I would like to offer this photograph to all those who would like it. Please leave a comment with your email address before December 23, 2012 by 9pm PST and we will send you a file for a 5×7 copy of this image to print or use online.

We would be grateful if you would share our website, blog, or facebook page with your friends and family. Each share helps to bring us closer to finding the person who will help make our dreams of adopting a child come true.

Blessing to you and yours this Christmas! May your hearts and homes be warm and merry!

We remain your ever hopeful, prospective adoptive parents,

Christy and Daniel

William Joseph 3 PackA big YAY to Brandy, author of comment #4! I’m positive you are going to LOVE this collection of music from William Joseph!

For those that didn’t get selected or didn’t have a chance to enter, have no fear! You can still listen to awesome music like this and more from YourMusicStore.com! Stop by to discover some new tunes and share with your friends!


We remain your wacky, yet patient prospective adoptive parents,

Daniel and Christy

Friends at Conference Spring 2003

Giveaway is now CLOSED! Congratulations comment #4 by Brandy!

With the launching of www.yourLDSmusicstore.com, I’ve been able to reflect on how LDS Music has helped to enrich my life.

The Lord Is My Light by The BYU Young Ambassadors The first time I heard When All is Said and Done was during a special musical number at a Young Adult Fireside shortly after joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I was 18 years old and going through such an amazing time… learning more about myself and who I wanted to be than any other time in my life. Every door seemed open to me. I had a dozen different paths laid before my feet and I was excited about them all.

When the soloist sang that beautiful song that night, I sat with tears in my eyes, feeling a tremendous sense of responsibility for how my choices would shape the person I would one day become.

As I’ve gone through life, this song has served as a reminder to me. Someday in my golden years, I will look back on my life and take stock of it all. I’m so glad that I married Daniel in the temple and that we’ve shared the last nine years together. I’m so blessed that we have hope of a child through the blessing of adoption. I don’t know what’s coming, but I know that I have the help of heaven to lead me to it and through it.

Within by William JosephI’m also a HUGE fan of William Joseph. I purchased his album, Within, after hearing an interview on a podcast and just adore how his music can stir up every emotion. One day a couple years ago, I heard a familiar sound from the apartment upstairs from us. Our neighbor was practicing some new music on her baby grand piano and I instantly recognized it was from this album. We always enjoyed her playing, but I was thrilled to hear my favorite songs coming down through her floorboards! I ran upstairs in the cold night and knocked. I excitedly thanked her for playing and lent her my cd in case she wanted to hear the phrasing from the composer himself.

My favorite song on the album is a cover of Kansas’ Dust in the Wind. I’ve always loved the song. My father used to play it on acoustic guitar growing up and sing with a rasp in his voice. William Joseph interprets this song beautifully, putting his own twist on it, but maintaining the heart of the original.

Having grown up with music in my home, helping to write the story of my life, I’m so glad that I have a new place to discover music from artists that have the gift of sharing their faith.

yourLDSmusicStore logo linkWhat LDS songs have followed you through life? Post a comment by December 14, 2012 12am PST with your response to enter a drawing to win a William Joseph 3 Pack courtesy of YourMusicStore.com!


William Joseph 3 Pack