So, lets say you like to run (like me) and you end up with some pretty awesome souvenirs from your races; bibs and medals that prove that you, in fact, are a rock star. What do you do with them? Stick them in a drawer? Throw them in your memory box?

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Naw… we get crafty and make an awesome display board to share them with all the world!!! lol True that mine is hanging in the laundry room and it doesn’t get a crazy amount of attention from my adoring fans. It does however make me smile and reminds me every time I see it that I am good at running… and should keep it up as much as possible. *wink*

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Don’t you LOVE the acid green? It’s my favorite color ever. The paper I used is from a discontinued Die Cuts With a View collection called “The Rockstar Stack”. If you can get your hands on it, it truly rocks. As you can see, I only needed two 12×12 sheets for this project. I applied them to the board with Mod Podge and covered the paper with a coat on top to keep it from getting mucked up over time.

The hooks for my bibs are going to help me accommodate many more adventures. I got these in pack for cheap at the local hardware store. They were also the perfect size to hold my dowel in place for the medals to hang.

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Each medal is strung onto the dowel. I made my board too short to accommodate the full length of the ribbons, so I folded them and thew in a safety pin or a quick stitch to keep them short enough to hang at the right length.

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My mother-in-law sweetly helped me by cutting the lettering using her die-cut machine. She has a Cricut and uses contact paper in her machine. Works like a charm! If you don’t have access to one, you could hand cut letters or buy a precut alphabet and mod podge it on.

The board I used is a piece of scrap I picked up from the hardware store. Check with the cutting counter. Often times they have boards that other customers have trimmed that they can discount (or give you) that will work great for your project. This board is 20″x11.5″ and worked like a charm!

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You’ll notice that not all my medals are “real medals”. My 10k race was a fun low budget church activity and so they handed out buttons. What to do… I figured it was just as important as the rest, so I found a piece of ribbon I liked and pinned it to make a mock medal. Now it hangs with the big guys and stands out as my most colorful piece of the collection yet!

I’m so happy I put this baby together! It didn’t take long to do and it’s so much fun. How could you lock these guys up in a deep dark closet? No, they were meant to be out and making me grin.

Love always, your crafty adoptive momma to be,


I love Christmas. I love the way the lights twinkle and the taste hot chocolate on a cold night. I even sorta still love the annoying pop Christmas songs you hear at the grocery store. Ok, maybe not love. I do love traditional Christmas hymns, so I guess I’m not a total Grinch.

My momma and I made cookies this year to pass out to some local friends. We iced sugar cookies and almond sweets, and we added a few chocolate chip cookies just for variety. We started decorating a little later than our neighbors this year, but that’s ok. I’ll likely leave them up a little longer to enjoy them longer.

For the last couple Christmases, I’ve started changing out the pictures in our hallway gallery. I usually have some of my favorite photographs I’ve done over the years there, but this time of year, I like to have something a little more festive. I have a TON of scrapbooking paper and I decided that it would be more attractive on my walls then sitting in the closet.
Holiday Frames for the Holidays

Our little tree sits by the front window and the outdoors on the other side of the window is a wreath I put together using two gently used wreaths. The inner one has nuts and pine cones and the outer one has red berries. A couple of craft store holiday picks and a bow and you have a pretty awesome wreath!
Our Little Tree and Outdoor Wreath

Next is an assortment of our ornaments. Having been married in December, we received a lot of Christmas decorations as a part of our wedding gifts. Oddly enough, with the exception of Chewbacca down there, each of those ornaments was acquired around that time! The Mikey and Minnie ornament was a gift from my sister, Melissa. Well sorta.The one my sister gave us was accidentally thrown out with a bunch of tissue paper from unwrapped presents. I was devastated, so we bought a replacement as soon as we could. I love it and it makes me happy to hang it each year.

The Golden Gate bridge we bought for ourselves on our honeymoon to San Francisco. The fabric heart was made by Daniel’s mother using scraps of fabric from our bridesmaid dresses and a table runner from the reception. Isn’t she crafty?! =) Even the glass bulbs in the lantern were from our centerpieces at our reception.
Wedding Ornament with Engagement Photo
Reindeer Ornament and Mickey and Minnie Ornament
San Francisco Honeymoon Ornament
Heart Ornament Made from Wedding Materials and Chewbacca Ornament

What sorts of special things do you get out to celebrate the season and make your home a little more cozy? I’m always up for new ideas!

Built In Decorations

Waiting for my “partridge in a pear tree” *wink*, your cheerful prospective adoptive momma,



Front Porch Fall DecorUp until last summer, Daniel and I had always lived in an apartment. The lack of space and character made it rough to decorate the outside so I could share with the world just how much I love holidays! The inside, however was as festive as we could manage.

Now that we live in this wonderful little house, there’s plenty of room to put a creative touch here and there that makes me happy. I’m missing some pumpkins from the front porch (we’ve been so busy that a trip to the pumpkin patch hasn’t really happened…bummer) but the glow and some accents are there!

My sweet friend, Meagan, made me this wreath for a Pinterest inspired gift exchange we had last week. She did an amazing job and I was thrilled to receive it! Every time I see it, it makes me smile! I added a vinyl letter sign my friend bought for me at a craft boutique earlier this year. Megan made sure that the color would work not only for the fall, but for the nursery as well! How sweet is that? When fall makes way for winter, I think I’ll put it above the window in the baby’s room. :)

Rossette Wreath

The added the light strands as a backdrop thanks to another brilliant Pinterest idea. I put them between our shutters and the window so they are nice and snug and we can adjust how much light comes into the living room by adjusting the shutters.

Light Backdrop

Owl WreathThis cute little wreath is hanging on our door. The owl was a buy from World Market last year. I picked up some silk flowers from the dollar store and worked it all into a grapevine wreath. I love how vintage it feels. :)

A big plus is this stuff can stretch into Thanksgiving since it’s more Autumn than holiday specific. Can’t wait until we have a chance to get some pumpkins so the trick or treaters feel some fall magic on our doorstep on Wednesday night!

I was surprised to find this phrase in my inbox this morning.

“Thank you for sharing your lovely nursery on Apartment Therapy Family – look for it today.”

SERIOUSLY!?!?! lol

I should explain. A couple of weeks ago on a whim I decided to submit some of our nursery photos to a site I’ve been browsing for the past several years, I used inspiration from their collection to create the room after all (they deserved to get credit for that) and figured that it couldn’t hurt to try.

And look, there it is!!!

I’m so humbled! I’ve never been “published” before. lol What a fun surprise!


Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been taking a break from photography to focus on our adoption. During rare moments between the paperwork and while waiting for approval, I worked on our nursery.

A lot of what went into it was handmade. The quilt, teal knit blanket, crib skirt, chair pillow, white frames for the art, a dolly, bucket liner, stuffed turtle, the wall hanging above the crib. Instead of purchasing everything, working the one project at a time helped pass the weeks we were waiting.

Now we’re approved and the last thing to wait for is our baby!

I still have a couple of things I’m hoping to add, like a changing pad for the table and a crib mobile. And a baby. =)

It’s so fun to see it finally come together! =)