I knew that I was game for the Survivor Mud Run again this year the moment I crossed the finish line in 2012. The theme our group chose for this year? 80s Prom! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a formal dance. I often lament that their aren’t a lot of opportunities to dress up in a pretty dress as a grown up, so I decided to go all out with a used dress, fishnet fingerless gloves, jewelery, and a big hair accessory. My friend, Brittany, made corsages for the girls and boutonnieres for the guys. Aren’t we amazing?


As we all started to arrive to the farmland designated for the run and we saw each of our outfits for the first time, we squealed with joy. Each of us looked ready for a great time. Other runners gave a rush of compliments, others stared at us like we were crazy. It was weird to feel so noticed!


The run itself felt much more manageable than last year, after a year of getting back into shape. For being a “Mud Run” though, it was disappointingly lacking in mud. This was the first time they had used this location and there was a lot of gravel, sand, and rocks… but not a lot of mud. There were a few obstacles that looked promising, but since we were the first wave of the day, the dirt and the water hadn’t properly melded.


See, I’m more wet than muddy.

That didn’t stop us from having a blast though. We did each of the obstacles with enthusiasm and crossed the finish line drenched and mildly scrapped up from crawling over rocks. The DJ rocked and we started dancing at our very own prom night!




Here I am, less muddy than I would have liked, but glad to have done much better than last year. Race Time: 46:58



I love all the silliness that these kind of runs allow for!

Survivor Mud Run 2013 Finisher and waiting adoptive momma,


So, lets say you like to run (like me) and you end up with some pretty awesome souvenirs from your races; bibs and medals that prove that you, in fact, are a rock star. What do you do with them? Stick them in a drawer? Throw them in your memory box?

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Naw… we get crafty and make an awesome display board to share them with all the world!!! lol True that mine is hanging in the laundry room and it doesn’t get a crazy amount of attention from my adoring fans. It does however make me smile and reminds me every time I see it that I am good at running… and should keep it up as much as possible. *wink*

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Don’t you LOVE the acid green? It’s my favorite color ever. The paper I used is from a discontinued Die Cuts With a View collection called “The Rockstar Stack”. If you can get your hands on it, it truly rocks. As you can see, I only needed two 12×12 sheets for this project. I applied them to the board with Mod Podge and covered the paper with a coat on top to keep it from getting mucked up over time.

The hooks for my bibs are going to help me accommodate many more adventures. I got these in pack for cheap at the local hardware store. They were also the perfect size to hold my dowel in place for the medals to hang.

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Each medal is strung onto the dowel. I made my board too short to accommodate the full length of the ribbons, so I folded them and thew in a safety pin or a quick stitch to keep them short enough to hang at the right length.

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My mother-in-law sweetly helped me by cutting the lettering using her die-cut machine. She has a Cricut and uses contact paper in her machine. Works like a charm! If you don’t have access to one, you could hand cut letters or buy a precut alphabet and mod podge it on.

The board I used is a piece of scrap I picked up from the hardware store. Check with the cutting counter. Often times they have boards that other customers have trimmed that they can discount (or give you) that will work great for your project. This board is 20″x11.5″ and worked like a charm!

Please visit Daniel and Christy's adoption website at http://amalg.us.

You’ll notice that not all my medals are “real medals”. My 10k race was a fun low budget church activity and so they handed out buttons. What to do… I figured it was just as important as the rest, so I found a piece of ribbon I liked and pinned it to make a mock medal. Now it hangs with the big guys and stands out as my most colorful piece of the collection yet!

I’m so happy I put this baby together! It didn’t take long to do and it’s so much fun. How could you lock these guys up in a deep dark closet? No, they were meant to be out and making me grin.

Love always, your crafty adoptive momma to be,


I’m not exactly sure when it happened… but I’m a runner now. I get the “runner’s high” and get running injuries. I run in rain, shine, and fog. I run during the day, and I’ll run at night.

I also get really giddy over gear and clothing and I like that I can personalize my stuff. I got together with my friend, Nicki, a week or two back and we broke out the freezer paper and fabric paint. Now I have some awesomeness to share with you.

Iconographic Running Shirt

I like this one, because I didn’t have to cut out a billion little letters with my craft knife.

Smart Mouth Tank Top

It’s not really tank top running weather yet, but I really wanted to plaster this one on a shirt as soon as I felt confident enough to pull off the phrase. I like it! It’s empowering!

Running Themed PJs

I finished these pajama bottoms a few months back, but hadn’t taken pictures of them yet. These aren’t freezer paper related, but I love how comfy they are and the print is awesome! Here’s the pattern I used (Butterick B5571). It was easy to use and they fit just the way I like ‘em.

What do you love to do? You can personalize your own old T-Shirts, bandanas, sweatshirts, kids clothing, the list goes on and on. Just make sure the material is ok to iron before you start (learned that one the hard way!) Check out my other Freezer Paper creations here: Spiff it Up and Conversation Starter

Are you a runner too? Download the template and make your own! Just right click and save. =)

Freezer Paper Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • T-Shirt or other Iron Safe clothing article
  • Freezer Paper (found at the grocery
    store near the baggies and aluminum foil)
  • Printer
  • Craft Knife
  • Self-Healing Mat
  • Iron
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Acrylic or Fabric Paint
  • Paintbrush


  1. IronDesign or download your stencil and print onto the matte side of a sheet of freezer paper trimmed to accommodate your printer.
  1. Using the craft knife and self-healing mat, cut out printed portions of your stencil and reserve any inside pieces (like the inside of the “A” or “D” in DAD.
  2. Iron your burp rag to remove any creases and place the stencil waxy side down on the rag.
  3. Iron the stencil and any inside details onto the rag until the stencil adheres firmly.
  4. Allow the stencil a few minutes to cool.paint
  5. Place foil on underside of rag and apply paint to the exposed portion of the stencil. Add additional coats as needed to achieve desired color/saturation.
  6. Allow paint to dry completely, then peel stencil off of rag. Use the craft knife to help remove the smaller pieces.
  7. Admire your creative prowess!

It was a foggy, freezing cold morning when Daniel, my mom, and I headed to the starting line of my very first half marathon last Saturday. It was still dark when I lined up with about 1,200 other runners and butterflies filled my stomach as an enthusiastic DJ updated us to how close we all were to “go time”. Looking over at the sidelines I gave quick, nervous waves to Daniel and my mom. Before I knew it we were counting down.. “Five, four, three, two, ONE!”

Waiting for the Race to Start   Thumbs up, Everythings a GO!

The start was a bit slow, but soon we were all moving in one great mass. Within the first half mile, there was a downward slope and the sky was getting lighter. I watched a river of people moving together hopeful and determined, ready to test their body, mind, and spirit. Realizing that I was running with them choked me up and I wiped away a few tears!

The first five miles were great! Then the hills started. Three miles of them. It wasn’t so much running as it was hiking at a quick pace! But soon I was out of the fog and looking at the valley below, the blanket of fog stretching out with a hill peaking out with a lone oak tree on top. It was beautiful! I wished so much that I had a camera with me!

The next couple miles were all down hill and I headed back into the fog. My knees were starting to bother me while walking my intervals, but running still felt good. By mile 10, I was all smiles! There were some amazing people cheering for strangers on the sidelines with all kinds of encouraging homemade signs and smiles.


IMG_5562My high spirits took a head dive around mile 11.5 when my knees started to ache. As each foot hit the pavement, sharp pain made my eyes tear. It wouldn’t let up, no matter how many walking intervals I took. It was at mile 12.5, when I was alternating between pathetic whimpers and sharp inhales in response to the pain, I saw a woman holding a sign. “Pain is temporary. Your race results will be on the internet forever”. That did it. I was determined to push through it, no matter what. I took a deep breath and picked up my pace.

When I saw the finish line, I was beyond relieved. I could feel emotions beginning to spill over and as I crossed the threshold, I started sobbing. (I saw a photo of myself at the finish and it was NOT pretty!) I had done it. I had run over epic hills and through thick fog. I had run from dark into daylight. My goal had been 2 hours and 30 mins, and I was thrilled to finish in 2:24:59.

IMG_5565I found my mom and Daniel and they were so proud and happy for me. Luckily by then, I was able to collect myself and find my excitement again. Daniel had made a sign just for me. It was the brightest and most awesome sign I’d seen in 13.1 miles!

It’s hard to believe I just started my journey back to running in April at the Mud Run 5k. It’s amazing to look back on how far I’ve come, now that I’m able to run for such a long stretch. I’m hoping I can work out the kinks and train for a marathon next fall! Gotta get that 26.2 before I reach my 30th birthday! =)

Until next race, I remain your lovable prospective adoptive mommy,


You Can

10 weeks ago, I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think it was possible to make it to that finish line with any dignity at all. But I didn’t let the voice win and I trained. Every week I got better. On every run, the voice in my head told me to quit, but I wouldn’t. I proved to myself that I can do it. I can run a 10k.

Thanks to my friend, Rachel, for taking this picture of me by accident. I think I will love it forever.


Adoption Shirt SleeveHave you ever been bombarded by fistfuls of cornstarch? I can now say that I have. And it was one of the most wonderful and joyous experiences I’ve had!

Ok, ok. I will explain. Saturday I joined a bunch of friends for another 5k. No matter how dull you come, you leave as colorful as an egg on Easter morning because throughout the race, volunteers launch handfuls of colored cornstarch at runners. Each station has it’s own color: purple, green, pink, yellow, and blue. The result: a party where everyone is sporting awesome tie dye looking shirts, legs, arms, and face!

Finish Line

Race time: 31min 44 sec

We all crammed at the starting line in our perfectly white t shirts, eager to get them colorful as quickly as we could. It was beautiful to see the clouds of color lingering in the air and made you push harder to get there. I did little moves to make sure as I passed each station that my shirt was getting attention from every angle.

Best parts of the day:
3: High-fiving people after the U-turns and encouraging them to “Go Get It!!!”.
2: Basking in the smiles on my friends’ brightly colored faces.
1: Seeing Daniel at the finish line, looking proud of his sweaty, colorful, crazy wife.



Daniel and Christy Post Race

Group Photo- Post RunDuring the RunTraining for this race was great. I’ve logged more miles and pushed myself farther than I thought I could go. My outlook (not to mention my body) is changing for the better each day.

What’s next for this runner? My 10k (6.2 miles) this coming Saturday. No colored cornstarch was mentioned, but you bet I’m going to bring the RAD! =)


Yesterday I had one of those peaceful, awesome experiences that stick with you. It went something like this:

  • Dusk
  • My Backyard
  • Cool Breeze
  • Sitting on freshly cut grass
  • Just finished my run
  • Petting my tuckered out doggie
  • Admiring the roses climbing our fence
  • Listening to “Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls on my ipod.

It was one of those moments that really makes you feel like you are in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.


RunningRunning has been a part of my life since my first mile run in 5th grade. I still run on a regular basis on my own or with Doozer, our dog, but I never attempted any formal “races”. That is, until this past Saturday. =)

A bunch of girls from church got the crazy idea that a Mud Run would be just the thing to get us going and have a little fun. The idea of getting all muddy was SUPER appealing to me. =)

The morning of the event, I was filled with nervous energy. I wondered if I had prepared enough. Would I be able to hack it? I was about to attempt a 5k run that promised 16 muddy obstacles, just to keep things interesting.

As we counted down to the start, excitement replaced fear and I was determined to enjoy whatever came. The first obstacle I was down on my hands and knees in a wide muddy trench, smiling and laughing even when finding dirt splashing into my mouth. lol

After the RaceThough I wasn’t as quick as most of our group, one of my amazing friends, Rachel, hung back with me and she kept me laughing and smiling throughout the race.

The mud was surprisingly refreshing as the day heated up. Even though the obstacles were a little more challenging than I expected, the running actually ended up not being as difficult.

There was mud everywhere, in my nose, my mouth, soaking my clothes, caking my shoes, slathering my hair. But it was glorious!

It was such an amazing moment to cross the finish line and to know that behind me lay 3.47 miles of land and some majorly crazy obstacles.

It was a bit of madness, but I’m already wondering when the next race will be! I loved it!

Group Post Run